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Welcome to Bismarck’s Lounge Wargaming Page. Please use this site to view pictures of the  games that we play, follow games that are ongoing, and also for wargaming links and errata. This site will be changing and updated whenever I have some free time (which is rare at the moment!), so please come back from time to time to check it out.

 We need to play a game soon!!! Something... Anything!! :)

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Wargaming Links


Multiman Publishing

GMT Games

Avalanche Press

Decision Games

Avalon Hill/Hasbro

Are You Game

Old Dominion GameWorks

The War Store

Molniya Miniatures

Boardgame Players Association


Board Game Geek

Consim World

Wargame Meetup

Wargame Academy

Naval Wargames

Naval Wargame Society

Hex War

Drunk Dwarves


Cyberboard Gameboxes

YAP (Gameboxes)

Diplomacy World

Colonial Diplomacy

The Miniatures Page

Miniature Wargaming

Game Mats

Miniatures Rules

Classic Miniatures